Brainwashed and Anointed: The Story of an Ex-Mormon

The Mormons are a religious and cultural group which is related to Mormonism, which is the principal branch of the Latter Day Saint Movement. The author of this book, Christopher Yeoman is also the author of the book Tiger Cub too. This book is very interesting which tells the story of an ex- Mormon. This book discusses about the heart –wrenching struggles within the sect of Mormonism which the author raised as a boy in the Mormon faith was brought up in a highly indoctrinated youth system. As a teenager he even served the church as a missionary. He never thought he would leave the faith, as he was so sure of his religion and the existence of God. However, after battling with shame and guilt over his sins, he was left devastated and in panic, which made his belief system to unravel.

This book offers a great insight into the conflict between years of conditioned thinking and the need to reprogram one’s mind after escaping an organised religion. The book reveals details with humour attached and it has included many anecdotes which are heart breaking confessions and is definitely a fascinating read for any individual who is interested in Mormonism. It is indeed a very informative and beautiful book which walks through the emotional journey and personal growth of the author. This book is a personal exploration and definitely the author has had a lot of courage to write and share his personal experiences. The centre of the Mormon culture influence is in Utah. The Mormons dedicate a large amount of their time as well as resources to serve their church and as shown by the author many young Mormons serve full time in religious missions. These look quite different from the outside world and it is not easy for an individual like this author to come out of the faith and fit into the regular world.

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