Confessions of an Ex-Mormon: What I Wish I Knew When I Left the Church (From Kolob to Calvary)

This book is a great read which gives a narrative from an ex-mormon, the author Tracy Tennant who moved by the faith in Biblical Jesus when he discovered the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter –day Saints. The book is a practical guide in the life of a Mormon where the author who as a devout Mormon practicing the faith for nearly 26 years and having held many positions in the Church finally decided to resign from service as Relief society president. She raised a large family in this faith and is now involved in discussing issues pertaining to this faith. This book gives hope to ex-Mormons on how to adjust with life. It is indeed a practical and instructive guide which helps individuals to avoid common mistakes made by disaffected members of the LDS faith. The ex-Mormons face insensitivity, tactlessness and anger when trying to mix with the Mormons in faith and therefore they alienate themselves from the LDS family.

The book is a good guide which offers advice from a Christian perspective on healing damaged relationships as well as overcoming the sense of loss and purposelessness which could hinder ex-Mormons from moving ahead in a renowned faith and new hope.This book is very inspiring for anyone and the writing is sincere and focussed with dry humour. Mormons have strong doctrines and a culture of their own with many values. The book reveals self awareness and an altruistic compassion which is Christ-like. The theme which has been used is universal and the discovery of truth in life could be traumatic to anyone. For someone who has been raised in the Mormon faith, it takes a lot of courage to come out of it and the journey followed to come through it is not easy. A great read for all!

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