Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way out of the Mormon Church

I got my hands on this very interesting read after a recommendation from a friend of mine. The author of this book, Lynn has laid the story line so well. Lynn, a highly educated author with a doctorate in education puts together her personal experiences in her book where she once tenured at the faculty at Mormon Church which is owned and operated Brigham Young University. A crisis of faith is experienced by Dr Wilder who resigned from Brigham Young University and LDS Church.

There are many interesting facts which compares the Christian and Mormon faith. It is refreshing and very inspiring which makes readers to even watch some of the YouTube videos of Adams road and Lynn. The book unveiling Grace looks into the Latter day Saints are wooing our country.  The book tells us  about a Momon family where they as faithful momons find their way out and how they can tell others  about their life as pious Mormons. The lifestyle, culture and religion tells us about the culture of the Momons.

I understood better about the two distinct cultures when a friend of mine who came out of the Mormon Church shared her story. After reading this book , this gave a better understanding. As the book was interesting, I read the book in a straight sitting. This is a non fictions novel which gives a clear indication of having faith in the living God, Jesus Christ. The Mormon doctrines are explained very well in this book and the appendix section in the back of the book shows the Mormon teaching to the Christian Biblical teaching. This story of how the LDS family gets to know about real Christianity is very inspiring. Real God and the practices of Christianity is what one should follow. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking into the in depths of Mormons.

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